Skin Spa



A complimentary consultation before service will ensure that you get exactly what you came for. We provide guidance on the services and products we offer which will enhance not just your sense of style, but your lifestyle. We will also recommend products that will maintain the results of your visit.

TLC Salon and Spa meets the highest standards of sanitation practices. Sanitation and cleanliness is part of the daily routine at TLC Salon and Spa. To assure the health and welfare of our most precious commodity, "you" every tool is disinfected and all equipment sanitized before each service.



Aroma Facial

Escape from the stress and routine of daily life. Best of all, your supple skin will remind you of your pleasurable experience long after you have left. Exotic aromatic products that delight your senses will prompt pictures of far off places.


Micro Current Facial

This non surgical facial sculpting machine treatment will tone all the facial tissues and improve skin elasticity.

Buy a series of 5 treatments and get 1 free




Micro Current Eye Lift

Add-on treatment with any facial for diminishing fine lines and lifting tired eyes.


Glycolic Anti-Aging Facial

This treatment rids fine lines and uneven skin tones. It firms and contours skin with pharmaceutical grade products that bring a youthful appearance to the skin.


Anti Wrinkle Facial

You can’t stop the clock, but we know how to turn back time. Experience a 50-90% visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles after your first anti wrinkle facial experience. Results last 24 hours; get continued results with antiwrinkle cream.


Manual Microderm Abrasion

Revolutionary skin resurfacing service that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, remove black heads and white heads, and reduces surface scaring.


Lymphatic Eye Treatment

To reduce puffiness and aide in sinus drainage.


Champagne Facial

This luxurious facial combines hydrating, exfoliating, and the anti-oxidant properties of both champagne oil and grapes. This treatment removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates, and helps to fade age spots due to over exposure to the sun.


The Repêchage

A 4 layer masque treatment for all skin types, designed to rehydrate and rebalance using natural therapeutic properties of the sea, using repêchage products. Guarantees visible results. A pleasure to receive.


Acne Treatment

Help fight acne, treat your skin to a super cleanse. This treatment includes deep pore cleansing, and extraction followed by a calming and detoxifying pressure point massage.

Buy 3 get one free.





C & Sea

Picture yourself by the seashore, while we hydrate and renew your skin with natural healing elements harvested from the ocean depths. This 1 ½ hour treatment includes a sea salt scrub and massage on the hands and the feet, while your face and neck soak up the vitamin C and
seaweed mask to reveal clearer, brighter skin that twinkles in the sunlight


Beautify Your Back

This is our special facial for the upper back. Let us take care of those hard to reach places on your back torso. This treatment includes papaya foaming cleanser, sugar cane scrub to exfoliate dry skin. An acne mask is added if necessary, and is followed by tea tree steam towels and a
lavender oil rub down.


Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Alphahydroxy peel exfoliates dry skin and promotes new skin growth.


Ear Candling

Ear candling is an ancient, painless method to help rid the body of excess ear wax and helps to clear the sinus passages.